Thursday, November 5, 2009

What is the best way to grow your business??

I have been working from home on online businesses for about a year. I have learned a lot in this year! You really need to be confident, outgoing and friendly. I also have worked in the corporate world for 25 years. In the field of customer service and account management. Although, I got paid more as an account manager, I felt my strengths were in customer service. Some days better than others. I am a people person. I love to help people succeed! I really love what I do and love to talk to people to find out more about them so my conversations with them tend to be lengthy. That is my downfall! I think meeting people and having a good attitude helps you live a good life.

Life is getting harder and harder these days. It is hard to trust everyone and hard to build relationships because of that! Trust is an important factor when is comes to building relationships. If you are starting a business where you need to refer people than my suggestion, do that! Help people and be their friend. Keep growing your relationship and keep learning about them! It is so important to keep up your friendships and relationships otherwise you will not succeed and no one will join you! I do my best to keep in touch and help my people! If I do not have the info, I find it and provide it to my friends.

All in all, I think working from home is tough as there are many distractions. At the same time, it is really a great way to spend your time! There is still so much to learn and so many more people to meet!


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