Friday, April 24, 2009

Starting Grade 1....

My 5 year old starts grade one this September... WOW!! I can't believe it!! He will be going to school full time. He's still my baby. I feel it was only yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital! It is amazing how time flies! I was telling my grandmother, who is my son's great grandmother. She is shocked that her daughter is now a grandmother!! Life is so short and wonderful! God really knew what he was doing!! I thank God everyday for my children as with all babies, they are truly miracles. Without God, I don't know if I would have had the patience to take care of my sons!! There were really trying times!!

My first son is really a miracle. First of all, it took me 5 years to get pregnant and the first baby ended up as a miscarriage! Then, I got pregnant again and in my 2nd month I thought I was having another miscarriage as I had some minute pain. I went back to the doctor and they told me that I had 2 eggs. I thought how wonderful - twins!! Boy, was I excited. Then, they looked closer and said one was in the tube and the other was out! I said okay what does that mean, knowing that the one in the tube might be ectopic. I prayed and asked God to spare the one that was okay. They wanted to send me in for surgery as it COULD be ectopic. I asked and said what about the other one. They weren't sure it would survive the surgery. I told them that they better be sure it is an ectopic or otherwise I am not going to lose this one!! After several more hours of tests and ultrasounds they figured it was only a fibroid and all would be okay. So, I went through 38 weeks of pregnancy and after 18 hours of labour, I gave birth to a lovely boy via c section. Another miracle! The umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck 2 times!! Had I pushed, I would have lost him!!

So, now my baby is going to grade one and I am sooo proud of him!!!

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