Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer is here!!

I am from Mississauga, Ont Canada. It is near Toronto, Canada! Our summers are usually really warm, hot and muggy! It's the first summer where I have to complain. I am complaining not about the humid, hot weather, but I am still wearing sweaters and long pants in the morning and night! It's really sad as the summers are not as warm as they used to be and it seems like every year gets cooler and cooler!

I am now visiting my parents in Washington DC. It is much cooler than normal there too! But, DC is usually very, very warm! It is pleasantly warm where you can where shorts and a t shirt from morning to night and enjoy yourself!! We went to the beach and it wasn't hot, sticky and muggy. It was breezy, warm and very comfortable weather!

In any case, my summer this year with the boys is going very well. We are all enjoying each others company and having a blast!!

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