Friday, August 21, 2009

Work at home mom OR Working mom??

I pondered and pondered what would be easier? Do I have an answer? NO!!! I think both jobs are tough. As a wahm you have the chance to do laundry, do food shopping when it is not busy and make dinner for your family! A working mom has barely enough time to make dinner before the kids are ready for bed! I find both moms are hard working and good moms!! Everyone is different and likes different things!! I decided to be a work at home mom to be part of my children's life! It's tough! At first, I loved it as I felt so FREE!! I was pregnant with my second son and my first son was in school for half of the day. Of course, it was easier. Now, my baby is 18 months old and my 5 1/2 yr old is at home during the summer!! I have play dates and days organized so that the kids don't get bored!! I am looking forward to seeing my oldest go back to school! It will certainly be alot easier for me to do businesses!! My youngest is a sleeper and naps 3 hours in the afternoon.

I have been a working mom and it was tough. I only had one child and I could not imagine what my life would be like if I had to take one child to elementary school and the second child to daycare, make dinner, do laundry, wash dishes, clean house, do food shopping etc!! And go to work!! I still think both jobs are tough!! I now know why God made women the way we are!!! I don't think that my husband could handle it all!!


  1. I have been on both sides of this as well and both are equally tough. I thought it would be easier when he would get school age then I realized that I would still have to find day care in the summer months while he was home for summer vacation. I would also have to find daycare for after school and on breaks throughout the school year.Plus here daycare at least half way decent day care is 400 a month. So even tho I struggle a little more I am happier staying at home and saving my pennies for something else.

  2. Story of my life. I chose to work at home. But it is very difficult to get the work done with 2 kiddos hanging on me. Seriously, women are amazing and I give kuddo's to all of us!