Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 Plus 7...

A great money maker... I enjoy meeting other people and helping them succeed!! This is an internet business where you can definitely make some money. All you need are 2 people and of course more. Once you have your 2, you will start making money so of course, you will try to add more people to the biz!!

It is only $27 per month however, once you have your 2 there they will no longer withdraw the monies. YOu will start making money!!

You will get some great benefits and be with a team of individuals who want to succeed! This team will also help you succeed!!


That's what programmers in America said, so the Founders went to India. Never before has there been a straight line cycler and it is growing at the speed of thought. Launch date was June 29th and there are already well over 10,000 people involved. The payouts are daily -- directly into your bank account or with a debit card that costs just $5.
The Founders are Christians and the plan is based on the number 27 which is the number of the Gospel. They have Isa 40:31 on their Home Page.

If I could show you a way to take a one-time out-of-pocket $27 and create a perpetual money-making machine, would we have anything to talk about?

This program is growing like wildfire – or as they put it “at the speed of thought.” People all over the world are signing up and many are making money since Day 1 – June 29th.

If this sounds interesting to you, go to the website and watch the 90 second video. Then get on a call for further information and explanation.

712-432-7550 PIN: 698524# M-F 12 noon and 7pm EST
This call could change your financial future for the better!
Fortunes are already being made!
Please call or email me after you listen to the call.

Indre Ashley
905 624 3258

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  1. Hi Ash,
    Try this. This will stay long before 2plus7 is gone...