Monday, June 15, 2009

Kids are so innocent!!

We just found out that Lukas' friend has a brain tumor. He is only 6 years old. The doctors tried to take out the whole tumor but couldn't. They took out 2/3rds of the tumor! The rest of it is still there because it is too close to the nerves! So, he may need to do radiation. I found out about it the night before surgery and ended up crying myself to sleep. You see, I grew up with the parents and nothing like this had ever happened before. I could not imagine what the parents are going through!! Their little baby... he has an 8 year old brother, had to go through an 8 hour surgery to get this thing growing in his brain! I prayed all day and all night and it did some good. Little Simon was not paralyzed or there was nothing else wrong. To boot, he was discharged just last night!!
I want to thank God for my little guys health and their well being! I also want to ask God to help my friends through this ordeal. I am also asking God to help any other family in such a state!! God is good and through Him we can overcome anything!!

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  1. Oh My IndreAsh! I am so sorry to read about this on your site. I just can't imagine something like this either. That's so very heartbreaking! I will definately add Lukas' friend to my prayer list tonight and continuously! I will pray for the doctors to be so very alert and offer him the best care possible and that God gives you and Lukas' friends family strength to get through this trying and heartaching times. That God will be by their side loving them and helping them cope through it all. Can I ask what Lukas' 6 year old friends name is? Again, I am so very sorry to read about this tonight; it is so very difficult to learn of such things as this. It brings my heart and eye's to tears along with you. My prayers and thoughts are yours!