Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today has been a great day!! My morning started off by talking to a great networker by the name of Ruthie Appleby! She is a hard worker who is a wealth of information.... I have been blessed to chat with her about my business! She is very positive and always has words of encouragement. SHe has some great suggestions and thoughts!! Check out her social network where you will havea chance to talk to other great hard workers...

It's been a crazy week as I am trying organize my businesses and work hard at all of them!!

Everyone is really excited about Send Out Cards!! Check out my website:
Just send a card on me from my website!!!

Deals for you is going well. Lots of my friends have requested the catalogue as I am in the midst of trying to add more and more products on my website. The catalogue has thousands of products you can use in your home. Email me your name, address and phone number and I will send one to you!! Here is my website:

My sons are healthy and enjoying life in this cold, cold north!! The snow doesn't seem to stop!!
I am looking forward to next week as the weather will be warmer!!

Bye for now!!


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