Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a day!!

Well, as most moms know children are really a blessing!! I have 2 wonderful sons that I love so much! Especially, when they are good and so lovable! This morning was awful... my eldest son has this issue in the mornings that he does not want to dress for school.
He is five years old and he thinks life is boring and school is awful... How do I deal with that?? I keep reminding him that he is God's creation and he has to love life! A five year probably thinks I'm nuts to say that to him, but o well!! The point I am trying to make is that I have this issue almost every morning. Does anyone know how to combat that?? I try to bribe him, but that isn't really a solution! I am not sure what to do!! I pray asking God for assistance, but I know God is busy with other things so sometimes I feel so alone!! If anyone can suggest something that would be great!! I will keep trying and hoping that one day I will not have to combat that. I am grateful that I don't have to get ready for work and worry about being there on time!!


  1. Maybe you should explore homeschooling. My kids love school - and for a 5yo boy sitting in the classroom probably IS boring and aweful. :)
    Sometimes when we pray, we are looking for answers that we want. I was very resistant to homeschooling, but God has truly blessed my family and enriched us all so much through the experience. When my youngest were little my attitude was "no way" and now we homeschool all the way through high school.
    My blog is a rambling of thoughts, and I am all over the place, but you are welcome to peruse through it. Maybe you'll find something to encourage you there. :)

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  4. I know I'll be dealing with this dilemma soon. My son is 5yrs also, but missed this years age cut off date for school entry by a few months. Looking forward to the day where I see him off to school :) lol

    As for your dilemma, perhaps try giving him an incentive to do things - something to work towards. My son has a chore list going where for each day that he does all his chores (and good behavior is included in the list) he gets a star for the day. We do this for an entire month. If he fills up the month with stars he gets to choose a toy of his choice - that he chose before we started the current month. I have the list on a piece of paper with an image of what he's working towards. Each time he puts a star on, he tells me more about the toy he's chosen and what he's going to do with it when he does. lol

    I don't know if that will work for your guy, but ya never know :)

    Good luck!

  5. Try a reward system: start the morning with 10 pennies. Every time there is a problem, take away one penny. If everything goes smoothly, your son will get to keep all ten pennies for the day. Also, maybe have him set out his clothes the night before. I've even heard of moms who let their kids sleep in their clothes so they can void this hassle.

  6. Well, every parent has different challenges. I suppose I might go to school with him to see if there was anything going on to make him dislike school. Someone teasing him? Someone being mean to him? Just throwing out suggestions. If there was not a problem that I could see, I think I would just put my foot down. First, let him know verbally that you are not going to tolerate that attitude. If that doesn't work, I would spank him. That is probably controversial, but if it is done correctly, it is incredibly effective.

    I never had the problem of my kids not wanting to go to school. I either home schooled them, or I was their teacher or aide in their Christian school. I know everyone cannot do that, but there was never any question about going to school because I went with them. And there were times that none of us wanted to go because of issues at school, but we all went anyway. Christian schools are not perfect.

    I'll be honest - I was not the greatest disciplinarian -- too inconsistent. However, some things were just not tolerated. I will also tell you that God blessed us in spite of my failures. In May, my son will graduate in an Assistant Pastor major. My daughter is 2 years behind him training to be a Christian school teacher.

    To sum up, my advice is to check the attitude and hold the line even when you don't think you have the strength or patience to do it!!

  7. Charlotte has a good point, one that immediately occurred to me. What is wrong? Why does he not like school? Is he hearing anything like that at home? Is there a problem at school? Most kids that age have fun going to school and look forward to it.

    My advice is to examine the cause. Most 5 year olds are not bored with life--they are full of exploration and discovery. Look into the family for issues. What is going on in your lives? Have there been any major changes that were traumatic to him? What negative influences is he around?

    Seriously, this is not normal behavior--as you describe it. Talk to your pediatrician. He or she may be able to shed some light or give some direction.

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  9. Posts of wisdom are very good points. One thing you do want to do is relax. Believe it or not children can pick on our anxieties. It is something to be concerned about, however, don't transfer feelings of fear or anxiety. There is something he's trying to communicate subconsciously.

    You'll find it. Use your resources. Ask Father God for wisdom. Cast all your cares on Him. Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication let your requests be made known to God. Prayerfully seek counsel from professionals.

    I have 3 young adults and 1 teen. All of the above has helped me raise them. It hasn't been easy (health challenges, teen-itis, toddler, prek, adolescence)). I'm here to help moms and women.

    Take care. Feel free to visit my blog.
    I will start a mommy blog soon.

  10. I let my son pick his clothes out before he went to bed and sleep in them. It worked like a charm and he thought he was the coolest dude on earth. Also, a real help was to have everything ready to go at the door before he left. Get enough sleep, cut out the processed foods and reward him with Mom time at the end of a great day. Good Luck