Friday, March 20, 2009

What a week!!

It's been a great week. But, boy did I miss our sons!! This past week was our infamous March Break. My sons went to spend 10 days with my inlaws! I had some freedom but I also worked alot!! It was wonderful to work, but it was so tiring... I work in the fashion department of a chain of stores in Canada. My job is to make sure all the clothes are neatly and nicely folded. That the department is clean and spotless. We also do the returns and cash out customers. I was on my feet, literally for 8 1/2 hours a day!! It was so tiring. So, it was nice to come home and sleep. No children to feed, to worry about.

The freedom was great but I miss them a bunch! I called them everyday and sometimes even twice a day! My baby, the 14 month old cried every time he heard my voice and of course, my eyes started to tear up! My 5 year was excited to talk but by the end of the week he did not want anything to do with me. So, again, I teared up! They are coming back soon and will keep me up at night and argue with me and so on and so on and so on!!

It was strange, as I thought my husband and I would bond. I worked so much and he did too. My husband worked first thing in the morning and would come home at 6 pm. Then, I would leave at 2 pm and work until 10:30 pm. So, we never got to bond too much. Maybe, it is also a good thing. We did however, at the end of the week, today, had a chance to go out for dinner and do some "bonding"! It was very nice. We talked, laughed and discussed how much we missed the boys! I guess this is what it will be like when we are empty nesters.

I am forever grateful to my inlaws for this "break"! It was nice but a little too short. I still feel like I need to so so much more. I feel like a mom's job is never done!!

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  1. Yes we miss our children when they leave the nest. Enjoy them all you can, they are only young once.I thank god every day for mangosteen I am not tierd anymore or depressed I can work 10 hours and sleep so sound wake up refreashed.My husband will not go a day without it. I guess he likes it. Your so right a mom's job is never done ! Even when they grow up and leave the nest then we have grandchildren I love it.