Sunday, May 3, 2009


THE BUZZ IS OUT about...
IGGLY BIGGLY - What is it??

Why will this company stand the test of time in the
marketing world as a business for the people?

**This business only cost $20 to become a part of.
**The opportunity to earn $480 multiple times weekly!
**The products are an ESTABLISHED brand-named product.
**The owner is an ESTABLISHED woman who is successful, savvy, and experienced.
**It's simple to share because the REPUTATION of the company and owner is rock-solid
(use google yourself to check it out - Iggly Biggly+Lisa Middleton).
**The products are COOL (and YES, there's men's too!) and FUN!!
**You DON'T HAVE TO sell anything - no requirements, minimums, monthly quotas.
**You CAN sell if you want to (how cool is that! A choice!)
**The structure is a 2x2, which is the EASIEST to work with successfully!

Check out the pics below and remember, it's not everything we offer. There's more to come and a Men's line too! Lisa's business was beachwear, etc...

There's SO MUCH more to come.

If you are interested in this opportunity and you have more questions, please email me at

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