Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Long Weekend - Victoria Day!

Well, here in Canada we celebrated Victoria day... All for Queen Victoria. I am not sure why we celebrate it but it's a day off for most people in Canada!! I am now a stay at home mom that has a business on the internet and I work evening shift at the grocery store for a break from the kids!! Nothing stressful or hard!! So, life is different for me now. It's wonderful.

We all went away about 2 hours north east of where we lived. We relaxed in the nature with the inlaws and enjoyed some family time with the whole family! We played outside... soccer, went for walks, went fishing and even raced with Lukas (the 5 yr old) I learned that I am not as fast as I used to be... I tried hard to beat him but he certainly did a good job on motivating me to move!! It was nice to be outside the city and smell the fresh air and hear the fresh air, no cars moving about or screeching! I think we all had a nice time!

As we were driving back to Toronto, we were listening to the news and found out about the latest shootings and accidents. Back to city life and our life! I thank God that we are all safe and have a wonderful family!!

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