Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain, rain go away!!

It's been raining now for 2 1/2 days!! Tonight is my sons soccer game and he is disappointed... He really wanted to play! Well, I guess we'll have games night tonight. The little one doesn't care as long as his brother is around! He loves his older brother so much!! I am looking forward to seeing them both grow up! ANdrew is the baby and he such a good little guy! He barely cries only when it is necessary and then it's a yelling cry!! But, rightfully so! We have been promised that tomorrow will be sunny and warm! We are all looking forward to some smiling sunshine, in the meantime, it's game night for the family!!

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  1. Oh just wait until he gets to The girl's age and level there are not tears for not playing only jeers! She plays unless there is lightning. So last Friday in that driving rain (it was literally sideways) up on Hamilton Mountain she played.